We need your help to make sure everyone is San Mateo County is counted in Census 2020.

There are number of ways you can help:

  1. Apply for Census jobs or share job opportunities or recruitment flyers with others. 
  2. Join efforts to ensure a complete count in 2020.
  1. Educate others about Census 2020.
  • Share information about the upcoming Census on social media
  • Present about the importance of Census 2020 to colleagues and community groups with this PowerPoint presentation
  • Consider becoming a Census Ambassador in Fall 2019 (details about this program forthcoming)


County Resident Pledges

These San Mateo County residents are getting ready for Census 2020! Join them in pledging to stand up for the count by completing the brief questionnaire when it becomes available in April 2020.

If you would like to pledge to be counted, click this link.

Megan, San Mateo
Aparna, San Carlos
Raymond, Burlingame
Emma, Redwood City
Sandy, Redwood City
Karen, Belmont
Dave, San Mateo
Diane, Daly City
Rebecca, Redwood City
Bobbie, Pacifica
Jacquelyn, San Mateo
Thomas, San Mateo
Krista, La Honda
Lillian, Menlo Park
Eun-Soo, Redwood City
Kim, San Mateo
Devin, San Mateo
Joy, Daly City
Avana, Menlo Park
Andres, San Mateo
Fresia, Daly City
Jeremy, San Mateo
Markus, San Mateo
Andrea, Menlo Park
Regina, Menlo Park
Cynthia, Redwood City
Atma, San Bruno
Pat, East Palo Alto
Cora, Menlo Park
Gertrude, East Palo Alto
John, East Palo Alto
Joy, East Palo Alto
Martin, East Palo Alto
Veronica, East Palo Alto
Cherrie, East Palo Alto
Cruz, East Palo Alto
Malia, Menlo Park
Ilaisaane, East Palo Alto
Leonidas, Redwood City
Leigh, East Palo Alto
Maricela, East Palo Alto
Evelia, East Palo Alto
Janet, East Palo Alto
Kirk, Menlo Park
Gerald, Redwood City

Ambassador Pilot Program

San Mateo County is partnering with the San Mateo Adult School to pilot a Census Ambassador training program, which will be launched across the county in Fall 2019.  Learn more and meet our dedicated volunteers here.