San Mateo County is getting ready for Census 2020 by working with organizations and leaders across the county to make sure there is a complete count in our county.

As a first step, San Mateo County collectively submitted over 30,000 updated mailing addresses to the U.S. Census Bureau, so all of our residents will get the information about how to participate in the census. Research shows that fully one-third of the undercount of low-income immigrants and households of color is due to gaps in the Census Bureau's address list.  If an address is not on the list, the Census Bureau does not know to contact that household, to attempt to count it, or even that it got missed.  Read more about the Local Update of Census Addresses.

We have now formed committees and strategy work groups to plan Census 2020 efforts in our county.  Later this summer, 2019, we will form community action teams to conduct outreach and support residents in participating in the census.

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