• 17290 Skyline Blvd
  • Woodside, CA

  • T.B. Penick & Sons, Inc.


Project Description

Based on a “Needs Assessment” prepared for the County in late 2013, it was determined that the existing Barracks and Office Buildings constructed in the late 1930’s are nearing the end of their useful life. A number of deficiencies were identified as representing the primary challenges to meeting the emergency response time goals, performance levels, and service objectives for the Fire Station.

This project consists of a barracks/office building consolidating the functions and operations of two existing structures into a single structure. The barracks/office building will contain administrative offices and related support spaces, conference and training rooms, a kitchen and dining room, dayroom, dorm rooms, fitness rooms, showers and restrooms.  A new primary vehicular access connection shall be provided to Skyline Boulevard to facilitate improved traffic sightlines and vehicle turning radiuses. The new access connection may incorporate traffic signalization capable of being operated from the firefighting apparatus vehicles to improve safety for accessing and egressing the site.

The new station is funded in part by Measure K. LEARN MORE