Project Background

The San Mateo Health Services Building, located at 225 37th Avenue in San Mateo, was built in 1952. The adjacent Hospital Administration Building was built in 1954. To consider the future of these buildings and the campus where they sit, in February 2016, the County commissioned the Health System Master Plan Study.

Following the study, the Board authorized the PDU to pursue: (1) demolition of the Health Services Building and the old portion of the hospital also known as Health Administration Building; (2) renovation of the ground floor of the Nursing Wing and the Central Plant to accommodate essential OSHPD functions currently housed in the Health Administration Building; and (3) construction of a new 70,000 SF Administration Building to house hospital support functions. The County selected and entered into contract with Taylor Design in March 2017, a leader in the design of healthcare facilities, as the project architect.

Construction on this project will occur in multiple phases and began late fall 2018 and will conclude in the spring of 2022. As part of the project, it is anticipated that approximately 300 employees will be relocated to the County Office Building 3 (COB 3) which will be constructed in downtown Redwood City.

Following is a summary of various Project components:

Nursing Wing Ground Floor Renovation The following departments and amenities will be relocated to the Nursing Wing Ground Floor from the Health Administration Building: (1) Dietary Kitchen and associated loading dock; (2) Servery and café; (3) PBx Operators; (4) Emergency Storage; and (5) Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic. Nursing Wing construction began fall 2018 with completion scheduled for fall 2019.

Central Plant Renovation The Central Plant Engineering Department Office and Shop will be renovated to receive the Materials Management and Linen departments, which will be relocating from the Health Administration Building. Central Plant construction is slated to begin in spring 2019 with completion by fall 2019.

New Administration Building - Approximately 50,000 SF Construction for the new Administration Building is expected to begin in Spring 2019 and be completed by fall 2020.

Health Administration Building Demolition The demolition shall of Health Administration Building is anticipated to begin fall 2020 and completed by early 2021.

New Link Building – approx. 20,000 SF The Link Building shall be constructed immediately to the North of the newly construction Administration Office Building. The Link Building will connect the new Administration Office Building to the hospital. Construction for the new Link Building is expected to begin in early 2021 and completed by early 2022.

Health Services Build demolition and Site Work Health Services Building is anticipated to be demolished by early 2022.