Programs and Events for Arts Educators

San Mateo County’s vision is that “Every student in San Mateo County Schools receives an engaging, impactful arts education delivered by high-quality instructors, creating equity and access for all.” Partnering with the San Mateo County Office of Education, non-profit arts & culture organizations, arts providers, and teaching artists, our collective goal is to ensure diverse, equitable, and inclusive opportunities for students to explore creativity and learn about their own rich historical narrative.

“Arts education increases literacy, advances math achievement, engages students in school, and motivates them to learn. The arts prepare students for taking their place in the workforce by equipping them with creative skills, problem-solving abilities, and the capacity to collaborate and communicate effectively. The arts prepare students for life itself by cultivating perseverance, facilitating cross-cultural understanding, and building community engagement. But most important, the arts resonate with children, providing traction with students who might not otherwise engage, tapping the uniqueness and dignity of each child, and helping children develop the sense of self-worth essential for other learning to take root.” Arts Education Partnership, Preparing Students for the Next America.


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