la honda

This project consists of a modest, second-story addition above the west side of the existing firehouse structure (a 1950’s Butler building remodeled in 2007), a small storage shed, and a new water line extension that would provide adequate pressure to support the installation of a fire sprinkler system. Scoping discussions have occurred with Fire Chief Ari Delay, Building and Planning (Steve Monowitz), Real Properties (Justin Mates and Nicholas Calderon), and General Contractor(s) to assist in determination of project-related costs and processes.

The PDU has finalized the Grant Agreement Document with the assistance of County Counsel. The PDU and Fire Chief have received concurrence from Cuesta La Honda Guild and from La Honda Pescadero Unified School District for a water line extension serving the firehouse.  Construction on the project is to be determined based upon the installation of a waterline.


  • 8945 La Honda Rd,
  • La Honda, CA 94020