Welcoming Week Documentary Series

Come join the Office of Community Affairs Immigrant Services throughout San Mateo County

as we host special FREE screenings of two documentaries that highlight stories

of immigrant residents from the Bay Area as well as nationwide!

RSVP for your Free ticket below!

Daly City Century 20- Waking Dream

Half Moon Bay Library- I Learn America

Redwood City Century 20- Waking Dream

San Mateo Century 12- Waking Dream

South San Francisco Municipal Building- I Learn America


About us

Not knowing where to turn for help as an immigrant can be scary. Finding an immigration lawyer, housing, a job and learning the language are among the many challenges that immigrants face in our community. The County of San Mateo Office of Community Affairs, or OCA, is your first stop to find help. OCA is in touch with all of the services and resources available to our valued immigrant community. Find the resources and information you need here, in one place.

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