Emergency Preparedness - In the Community

The best protection before a disaster happens is to get involved and be prepared in your community. During a serious disaster, all of the resources and services we take for granted may be shut down. How a community comes together to help one another during a crisis all depends on preparation! Do one thing to get ready today.


At School

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Get Involved

There are a number of organizations in San Mateo County that train volunteers to be prepared and respond to a variety of emergency situations.

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One Week vs. 72 Hours

Most local, state, and national organizations are still promoting the 72-hour concept. In a large-scale event, such as a significant earthquake in the Bay Area, it may take longer than 72 hours before we can get supplies and support to all our residents. In an effort to realistically plan for disasters in our county, we encourage you to be prepared to survive on your own for up to one week.

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SMC Alert

SMC Alert, a free* alert-notification system, is used to contact you during urgent or emergency situations.

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San Mateo County Shelter

“Shelter-in-Place" is one of the basic instructions you may receive from San Mateo County public safety officials during an emergency. Sheltering in place offers you immediate protection. If you are told to shelter in place, go indoors immediately.

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Training Options

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Other Resources

There are many online resources available to help you learn more about emergency preparedness.

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