Resources for SMC Residents

The Office of Community Affairs promises to continue to proudly serve its community members to the best of our ability.  The Office of Community Affairs wants to ensure that the community still has easy access to important and updated information during this time.  Below is a list of some important resources and materials that we hope our community can use to get through this difficult time.

The State of California has also put together a COVID-19 Resource Page for California residents as well as a COVID-19 California Immigrant Guide as well as in Spanish: COVID-19 Guía para los Californianos Inmigrantes. They've also developed a multi-lingual call line with various langauges available to get help with local services and answer covid-19 related questions and can be found here!

New California State Funding for Undocumented Residents

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, California is providing one-time state-funded disaster relief assistance to undocumented adults who are ineligible for other forms of assistance, including assistance under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and pandemic unemployment benefits, because of their immigration status. This state funding is expected to reach about 150,000 undocumented adults.

An undocumented adult who qualifies can receive $500 in direct assistance, with a maximum of $1000 in assistance per household. The disaster relief assistance will be administered and delivered through twelve nonprofit organizations located in various regions of California. The nonprofit organizations will begin providing assistance to complete applications on May 18, 2020. Click here for more info!

Applications for DRAI begin Monday, May 18, 2020 by calling the toll-free number 415-324-1011 from 8 AM - 8 PM Mondays through Saturdays.Please Check Catholic Charities Site for more info. 
Applications will ONLY be accepted over the phone.

The resource guide below has info on San Mateo County's community based organizations and other services in all regions of the County available for our Immigrant Community. Download the Immigrants' Gateway to Resources Booklet Here!

COVID-19 Resources and Services

The information below is not intended as a comprehensive list. We will update the information regularly, so please check back.

**Resources with an asterisk next to it are available to all residents, regardless of immigration status.**

Immigrant's Rising has also created Tangible Support for Undocumented Communities During COVID-19.

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, & Economic Security (CARES) Act

Information and resources about the federal CARES act.

Education & Childcare Resources

With schools and daycares closed, here's a list of resources and materials to help your children continue to grow and learn.

  • **San Mateo 4C's Child Care Coordinating Council is here to help all families, children, and early care and education providers.

  • **San Mateo County Office of Education has assembled resources for administrators and educators on COVID-19 and distance learning as well as tips for parents.

  • **One Simple Wish is a dedicated resource for all impacted by foster care. If a foster youth has aged out of the system, they can request a laptop for remote learning here. If a foster youth has aged out and would like to request assistance with essentials like food, gas cards and other items, please email them at .

  • **SMC Office of Diversity & Equity has created a list of educational and relaxing resources for children, families, and individuals that includes virtual tours of aquariums & museums, online learning programs, free libraries, and more!

  • **Amazing Educational Resources has created a list of various educational resources and entertainment for all levels of education, resources for teachers, and more.

  • **GoPeer offers free tutoring from vetted college students who attend top-tier universities for K-12 students.

  • The On It Foundation provides free computers, computer training and Internet to low-income families with students in grades K-12.

  • **MIND Research Institute is offering no cost access to a free math instructional program for students in grades K-8.

  • **Everyone On connects residents to low-cost home internet service, affordable computers and tablets, and digital literacy training. Residents can search its website to find low-cost offers in their area.

  • **Latino Leaders Network has this curriculum guide that is shaped around the individual stories of 14 Latino leaders in Latino Leaders Speak: Personal Stories of Struggle and Triumph, providing secondary and early college educators as well as parents, with literacy and civic action extension activities that better serve Latino students. Learning activities are organized around real world, global competencies that encourage all students to investigate the world, communicate effectively, recognize perspectives, and take action.

Employee (& worker's rights info) & Unemployment Resources

In need of employment or unemployment assistance during this time? Find resources below that can help.

Eviction Information & Assistance

Connect with these organizations for additional housing services during this time.

Financial Resources

Needing a little extra financial assistance during this hardship? Find local resources below to help you and your family. Also, connect with your local auto, school, or business loan provider about relief programs they may be offering at this time.

  • ** Emergency Financial Assistance programs at the Core Service Agencies provides rent and utility assistance, transportation assistance, food programs, etc.

  • **National Domestic Workers Alliance has the Coronavirus Care Fund to provide emergency assistance for home care workers, nannies and house cleaners to support them in staying safe and staying home to slow the spread of the coronavirus, and to care for themselves and their families.

  • **Mission Asset Fund is accepting applications for the Immigrant Families Fund, which will provide emergency financial relief ($500) to immigrant families who are being left behind by the government’s response. Click the link for more info.

  • (FUNDS EXHAUSTED AT THE MOMENT) **UndocuScholars has created Emergency Funds in response to COVID-19. If you are undocumented yourself or have family members who are undocumented and have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, click on the link below to fill out the request form. To apply online click here.

  • **One Fair Wage is providing cash assistance through an emergency fund to restaurant workers, car service drivers, delivery workers, personal service workers and more who need assistance during the COVID-19 crisis. To apply online click here.

  • **Restaurant Workers' Community Foundation has created a COVID-19 Relief Fund. Individuals seeking RWCF’s direct assistance should go to the Southern Smoke Application Form to submit their information and needs. Southern Smoke is a nonprofit 501c3 charitable foundation. The Emergency Relief Program provides emergency funding to those employed by or own restaurants or bars or are employed by a restaurant or bar supplier that are faced unforeseen expenses that cannot or will not be covered by insurance. As for undocumented workers, official payroll documentation for each applicant is required. As long as they are receiving paychecks and can provide a W2, then they are eligible

  • **CORE (Children of Restaurant Employees) is dedicated to serving food and beverage service employees with children, who are faced with a health crisis or a natural disaster and are in need of support and in need of help. If you are a food & beverage service employee diagnosed with COVID-19, please apply here for financial assistance. You can also apply in the event a family member within your home is diagnosed and the household is placed under quarantine.

  • **Root and Rebound will be providing support to formerly-incarcerated and system-impacted Californians in financial need, offering gift cards for up to $100 to support our communities in dire need of basic necessities. You can apply here.

Food Pantries and Meal Assistance

Information about local food pantries, school meals, and grocery delivery services.

  • **San Mateo County Grocery & Meal Distribution Location guide available in English and Chinese and Spanish. Our log contains a list of food site locations in San Mateo County, organized by County region (North, Coast, Central, and South).

  • **San Mateo County School Closure Meal Sites Find your school in San Mateo County and information on meal distribution and pickup times for students. Any child or family with children 18 and under may pick up meals for the children during Covid-19 (coronavirus) school closures at the locations found on the link provided. There's also a **Food Distribution Map for all school meal sites.

  • **Second Harvest Food Bank offers food at various locations throughout San Mateo County listed on their webpage. Call 1-800-984-3663 or text GETFOOD to 408-455-5181.

  • CA Great Plates Delivered Program On April 24, 2020, Governor Newsom announced the launch of a first-in-the-nation meal delivery service for California’s older adults. Great Plates Delivered has two purposes: 1) Help seniors and other adults at high risk from COVID-19 to stay home and stay healthy by delivering three nutritious meals a day, and 2) Provide essential economic stimulus to local businesses struggling to stay afloat during the COVID-19 crisis. Fact sheets in Spanish and Tagalog are also available. To learn more about San Mateo County's participation in the Great Plates Program Click Here or if you're a business and would like to participate Click Here!

  • Full Cart offers emergency food assistance to those affected by COVID-19. Apply here!

  • (FUNDS EXHAUSTED AT THE MOMENT) **Expensify Families receiving SNAP/CalFresh benefits can go to and submit a copy of their receipt (dated March 1, 2020 or after) that includes a summary of SNAP/CalFresh benefits used on the purchase. Expensify will then reimburse you up to $50 for essential goods and groceries purchased on your SNAP/CalFresh card.

  • **Boys & Girls Club of the Peninsula offers to-go dinners and will distribute grocery boxes to community residents starting April 1st. Click the link for information on days, times, and locations!

  • **St. Vincent de Paul offers food and hygiene bags at locations in San Mateo, South San Francisco, Menlo Park, & Redwood City.

Health (Mental & Physical) Services

San Mateo County has an array of resources and services for all health-related needs.

Mental Health and Well-being resources

  • Click the link for **SMC Behavioral Health & Recovery Services quick mental health recovery services guide.

  • Click the link for **SMC Behavioral Health & Recovery Services youth and family mental health resource guide.

  • The State of California has put together a great list of**Resources for Emotional Support that offers hotline information for older californians, first responders, veterans, lgtbq individuals, etc. as well as information on suicide prevention and domestic help hotlines. The site also has resources for behavioral and mental health as well hotlines to report child abuse and older adult abuse.

  • **CORA Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse offers a 24 hour hotline to help you during a time of crisis, including safe houses for those escaping abuse and transitional housing.

  • San Mateo County's Rape Trauma Services (RTS) Center provides services to individuals of all ages who have been directly or indirectly impacted by sexual violence: 24/7 Crisis Line, counseling, advocacy and education. RTS 24/7 Crisis Line 650-692-7273 (RAPE)

  • **Immigrants Rising is hosting virtual Wellness Gatherings to help undocumented young people stay grounded and connected to one another.

  • **Informed Immigrants has put together a mental health toolkit for immigrant residents with resources and information for practicing self care.

  • **Latinx Therapy connects people to local therapists, mental health apps,non-profits, mental health screenings, and free resources.

  • **SMC Office of Diversity & Equity has created a list of educational and relaxing resources for children, families, and individuals that includes virtual tours of aquariums & museums, online learning programs, free libraries, and more!

Homelessness Services

Connect with these organizations for assistance and services for our homeless community.

  • **CORE Safety Net Services Agencies provide various services throughout San Mateo County including referrals to homeless shelters, rent and utility assistance, food programs, etc.

  • **St. Vincent de Paul offers food and hygiene bags at locations in San Mateo, South San Francisco, Menlo Park, & Redwood City.

  • **Hand wash locations 20 portable handwashing stations have been set-up throughout Redwood City for our most vulnerable community members.

Housing, Rental & Mortgage Assistance

Connect with these organizations for additional housing services during this time. Also connect with your local mortgage lender about relief programs they may be offering at this time.

  • Governor Gavin Newsom Announces Major Financial Relief Package The State of California is working to soften the financial impact of COVID-19 on residents who are struggling to pay their mortgage and bills. Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, US Bank, Wells Fargo, and nearly 200 state-chartered banks, credit unions, and servicers have committed to providing relief for consumers and homeowners in California. Click here for details on how to apply for relief

  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has put together information on mortgage and housing assistance, what to do now, and what your options are for mortgage and rent payment relief.

  • **CORES Safety Net Services Agencies provide various services throughout San Mateo County including referrals to homeless shelters, rent and utility assistance, food programs, etc.

  • San Mateo County Board of Supervisors adopted an Emergency Residential Rent Increase Regulation which places a temporary Countywide moratorium on rent increases on certain existing residential tenancies due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • (FUNDS EXHAUSTED AT THE MOMENT) **Housing Industry Foundation HIF’s Emergency Housing Fund offers community members threatened by homelessness and interested in applying the opportunity to apply for an emergency grant, and will be required to demonstrate need and ability to utilize our emergency housing grants for sustained stability up to $2,500.

  • **Together We Rise is assisting foster youth that are staying at a college dorm room that is closed due to the coronavirus and they will provide or help find housing during this transition.

Immigration Updates & Legal Assistance

Navigating the US Immigration system is challenging, but doing so with a world crisis like COVID-19 can make it even more so. Below is up-to-date information from USCIS and local Legal Service Providers

  • **Immigration Legal Service Providers - please call the organization prior to visiting their office as many organizations have moved to online and phone consults.

  • USCIS COVID-19 Updates can be found at the link which includes information about rescheduling appointments, processing current applications, and local office closures.

  • **USCIS Public Charge Updates provides information as it relates to COVID-19 and how seeking medical services and treatment will NOT deem an individual as a public charge. Our office also hosted a live virtual conversation on April 9th with Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) about Public Charge During COVID-19. To see a recording of our presentation click here.

  • **Bay Area Legal Aid's Youth Justice Project gives legal advice and represents young people between the ages of 14 to 25 for FREE. They have also put together a COVID-19 resource page for youth looking to get information and assistance with homelessness, foster care, guardianship, school, medical, public benefits and more. Call the Youth Legal Hotline: (510) 250-5277.

  • **Informed Immigrant has put together resources and information to assist those who are facing deportation or are in detention.

  • **Immigrant's Rising has also created Tangible Support for Undocumented Communities During COVID-19.

Report Price Gouging

SMC District Attorney's Office has put together information about how to report price gouging during COVID-19.

  • The Governor issued a proclamation of a state of emergency to deal with the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 on March 4, 2020. Price gouging, as defined in Penal Code section 396, is illegal after such a proclamation or declaration. A person who would like to report an incident of price gouging in San Mateo County should contact the District Attorney’s Office by calling (650) 363-4403 or complete the Price Gouging Incident Report.

Small Business Resources

Below is a list of resources aimed to assist small businesses locally and statewide..

Utility Assistance & Resources

Connect with these organizations for additional utility resources and assistance.

  • PG&E has implemented a series of billing and service modifications to support customers who have been impacted by the pandemic like 1) Suspending service disconnections for non-payment and waiving security deposits, 2) Implementing flexible payment plan options, and 3) Providing additional support for low-income and medical baseline customers. Go to to learn more about our support for customers during these difficult times and visit the site to learn about energy-saving tips and resources

  • Comcast is helping to ensure people stay connected to the Internet as more schools suspend classes and companies encourage employees to work from home due to COVID-19, Comcast has made Xfinity Wifi free to all, paused its data plans, stopped disconnecting internet services or assessing late fees, and lowered costs for new customers.

  • Charter Communications is offering free access to Spectrum Broadband and Wi-Fi for 60 days for new K-12 and college student households and more.

Volunteer & Donating Opportunities

If you'd like to donate your time or other resources, please connect with the organizations below!

  • San Mateo County closes public PPE donation drop-off site and thanks the community for their generosity. Individuals or organizations interested in making large-scale PPE donations should contact the Emergency Operations Center watch officer at (650) 779-9375

  • San Mateo County Strong On March 24, 2020 the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors approved $3,000,000 in emergency funding to support those most impacted in San Mateo County in partnership with the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. Residents from San Mateo County and beyond can join the County’s relief effort and make directed donations that will specifically benefit San Mateo County residents, small businesses and non-profits. Click the link for more information!

  • The Red Cross is facing a blood shortage and looking for healthy volunteers to donate today!

  • CA Disaster Healthcare Volunteers Needed! Healthcare providers with an active license, public health professionals, or members of a medical disaster response team in California can volunteer for the current COVID-19 response.

  • San Mateo County COVID-19 Volunteers Needed During the COVID-19 pandemic, San Mateo County may need volunteers to help serve vulnerable members of our community. In light of the guidance we’ve received from health officials, we’re focused on volunteers aged 60 and under. Click here to sign up to volunteer!

  • Do you want to provide help to a neighbor but don't know how to get matched up with someone who needs assistance? A new service called Covid Assist matches helpers with people needing non-medical help such as shopping for groceries or picking up medicine at the pharmacy. Sign up at Covid Assist today!

  • Second Harvest Food Bank There are a number of volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups of five or more people. At this time we do not recommend that seniors (65+) or anyone with a chronic health condition volunteer.

Quick Reference Guides

$500 for individuals and up to $1000 for families. Applications will be available next month. Click for the press release.
CA Benefits for Workers Impacted by COVID-19: Click for a quick reference guide that makes it easier to understand what resources may be available.
Click here for SMC Behavioral Health & Recovery Services Quick Reference Guide
CLSEPA Tenant Notification Form
CLSEPA Tenant Notification Form (Spanish)