About these COVID-19 webpages

These webpages are intended to provide timely and relevant information about COVID-19 to San Mateo County residents. Not knowing where to turn for help can be scary. There are many challenges our residents face in our community. Find the resources and information you need here,

What is COVID-19

How it spreads, who is at risk, and how to avoid it. View Services »

What SMC is doing

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Business Engagement

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Mask Mobile Calendar

Our Community Crew provides information and educational materials about COVID-19, as well as masks to San Mateo County Residents.  See more about our Mask Mobile here.

The schedule is based upon COVID-19 cases by city, found on the San Mateo County Health website and low Health Places Index scores. Locations may change based upon current weather conditions or as new data becomes available. Masks distributed while supplies last. Every week this schedule will be updated so you can see where the Mask Mobile will go next!


Resource Updates

What should you do while waiting for your COVID-19 test results? This infographic provides guidance, and below are links to the .png and .pdf documents. All COVID-19 related collaterals can be accessed on the County Outreach Toolkit webpage.





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Recent Events

Our crew is constantly out in our most vulnerable communities, check out where we and our community partners have been recently!

Door-to-Door Outreach
Farmers Market
Mask Mobile
Daly City Stores
North Fair Oaks
North Fair Oaks
Sculpture with Mask in North Fair Oaks
Sculpture with Mask in North Fair Oaks
Sculpture with Mask in North Fair Oaks

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