• County Center
  • Redwood City, CA
  • CONstruction manager at risk

  • Truebeck

  • Studio Gang, KMD Architects

  • Catherine Chan
  • Project Manager
  • c_cchan3@smcgov.org


Project Description

The proposed new County office Building #3 (COB3), located across from the Hall of Justice, is an approximately 121,000 gross square foot building with five above-grade levels and a partial basement. This building footprint will utilize approximately half of the block and require the demolition of the former First American Title Company, Lebsack building, the traffic court, and relocation of the historic Lathrop House.

COB3 will improve the services provided to County residents, provide quality workplace environment and amenities to County staff, and ultimately save expenditure on long-term maintenance and operations. COB3 will improve public experience by offering a one-stop-shop for County services, create a vibrant campus with a strong civic identity that well represents the County seat and consolidate office space from multiple locations of leased/aged facilities for various departments to enhance operational efficiency.