The City Selection Committee is comprised of the Mayors of all 20 incorporated cities in San Mateo County.

The City Selection Committee appoints members to:

2018 Elected Officers
The Honorable Glenn R. Sylvester, Chairperson
City of Daly City
The Honorable Sue Vaterlaus, Vice Chairperson
City of Pacifica

The City Selection Committee meets when an appointment is necessary, at the call of the Chairperson. 

City Selection Committee Bylaws

Agenda and Minutes
Date Agenda Addendum Minutes
December 18, 2015 PDF   PDF
February 26, 2016 PDF   PDF
March 25, 2016 PDF   PDF
December 16, 2016 PDF   PDF
January 27, 2017 PDF   PDF
May 19, 2017 PDF   PDF
June 30, 2017 PDF   PDF
December 15, 2017 PDF PDF PDF
January 26, 2018 PDF   PDF
May 18, 2018 PDF   PDF
December 14, 2018 PDF    
January 25, 2019 PDF    
Roster of Appointments
Year Roster
2018 PDF