Residents in San Mateo County began receiving their invitations to respond to the U.S. Census Bureau 2020 Questionnaire mid-March.  Data is available from the Census Bureau about how the residents of our county are responding, and is viewable on their site here.

San Mateo County 2020 Census Self-Response Rates

Every Friday, this page will be updated with the latest response rate information available.

June 18th, Highest Self-Response Rate Areas (%)

  1. San Carlos: 81.1%
  2. Hillsborough: 78.8%
  3. Belmont: 78.1%

The map below shows the County response rates per census tract.  It is important to note that some areas of the county were identified to receive hand-delivered census questionnaires by US Census Bureau staff.  Due to the shelter-in-place restrictions the Bureau has suspended these operations, therefore these census tracts may not have received their questionnaires at this time. 

The census tracts with the ten lowest response rates are identified in the map below, and the  tracts containing an asterik (*) in their labels are those that may not have received their questionnaires yet. 

Response Rates (Alphabetical)

This spreadsheet is updated daily from US Census Bureau response rate data and is maintained by the County of San Mateo: Response Rate Spreadsheet.