About the Census

Every 10 years, the federal government is required to count all residents in the United States, citizens and noncitizens alike, through a national census.  The next national census is in April 2020. The information is used to make sure everyone is equally represented in our political system and that government resources are allocated fairly. It is also used to make important decisions about community programs and services, like where to build homes and parks, establish public transit routes, build new roads and offer language access services.

Why It's Important

It makes sure everyone is equally represented at the local, state, and national levels. Learn more»

What you need to know

The next census will be in April 2020 and we need to count all our residents. Learn more »

What you can do

There are many ways you can help make sure everyone in our county gets counted. Learn more »

What are we doing

We are working with organizations and leaders across the County to make sure there is a complete count in our County. Learn more »

New Funding Opportunities

There will be several opportunities to apply for grants from different funders around the Bay Area to provide education and outreach to our County of San Mateo residents.  Please check back here often, or subscribe to receive email updates to stay informed of any new information.  To see where the Hard to Count / Least Likely to Respond populations are located within San Mateo County, maps have been created for assistance.

Bay Area Census Funders Collaborative

To minimize the undercount in our region, the Bay Area Census Funders Collaborative - including Silicon Valley Community Foundation, East Bay Community Foundation, Northern California Grantmakers and other funders in the region - will soon be accepting proposals to support Census education and outreach efforts to hard-to-count communities in the nine-county Bay Area.  Everyone counts!  Proposals will be accepted April 15 through May 31, 2019 throgh the online portal Apply SVCF and information sessions will be held throughout the Bay Area.  Learn more and sign up for an information session here.  Questions? Contact census2020@siliconvalleycf.org

​United Way of the Bay Area

In March of 2019, the California Complete Count Office announced 10 administrative community-based organizations that it is partnering with to encourage participation of all Californians in the U.S. Census Bureau's 2020 decennial count.  Totaling $22.95 million, with an additional proposed $10 million from Governor Gavin Newsom, the Administrative Community-Based Organization awards went to community-based organizations that will target hard-to-count populations within each of California's 10 regions.  Region 3, in which San Mateo County is located, was awarded to the United Way of the Bay Area for a total of $2.8 million. They plan on issuing their RFP May-June 2019, with awards being decided in August-September 2019.  Contact Kelly Batson for more information.

​County of San Mateo

There will also be funding available directly from the County of San Mateo.  The RFP is planned to be issued late Summer 2019, with award decisions in September-October 2019.  

Stand Up For the Count - Everyone Counts!

Census Countdown

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Canvassing in East Palo Alto
Group of people with census poster
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San Mateo County Census Steering Committee
County Census Steering Committee
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Complete Count Committee
April 1st Census 2020 Community Launch
April 1st Census 2020 Community Launch
April 1st Census 2020 Community Launch
April 1st Census 2020 Community Launch
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