Text-Based Pledge

Join San Mateo County: Everyone Counts + Bay Area Counts 2020 campaign.  Text the start word COUNT to 650-200-2743, and you can opt-in to receive timely information such as local events happening near you, or a reminder to complete the survey.  All languages text their start word to this same number: 650-200-2743.  Once you have pledged, please share the postcard on social media or to your friends and family!

Language Start Word
Arabic تعداد
Chinese 计算在内
English COUNT
Farsi سرشماری
Hindi जनगणना
Japanese 国勢調査
Korean 센서스
Punjabi ਮਰਦਮਸ਼ੁਮਾਰੀ
Spanish CENSO
Telugu జనాభా
Vietnamese Thống kê dân số