Census 2020: What You Need to Know (Monolingual; 2 sided)
Provides an overview of Census 2020 (what, why, how, who, when).

Languages: English, Spanish, Chinese

Census 2020: What You Need to Know (Bilingual; 2 sided)
​Provides a quick overview of Census 2020 in English + another language.

Languages: Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Tongan


Census 101: Recorded Presentation (13 minutes)
Video presentation including an overview of Census 2020, what's at stake, and how we are ensuring a complete count in San Mateo County.

Languages: English

Census 2020: Community Presentation
Slide presentation providing Census 2020 overview for community residents.

Language: English

Census 2020: Partner Presentation
Slide presentation encouraging stakeholders to join Census 2020 complete count efforts.

Language: English

ICMA San Mateo County Presentation: Census 2020 - Building Civic Engagement and Community Networks
Educate, motivate, and activate your community through civic engagement ensuring that in the Census 2020 Everyone Counts!  

​Language: English


Census 2020: Your Voice Counts (430 words)
Explains why Census 2020 is important and encourages residents to participate.

Languages: English

Census 2020: What's at Stake (450 words)
Explains what at stake for San Mateo County residents in Census 2020.

Languages: English


Census 2020: The Faces of San Mateo County
Two videos featuring employees from San Mateo County showing their commitment to Census 2020 and why it is so important to our community to complete the survey.

San Mateo County Resident Testimonials about  Census 2020
Brief videos (~60 seconds) from county residents on the importance of participating in Census 2020.

Addition Videos

  1. Shape Your Future: The 2020 Census (U.S. Census Bureau)
  2. Census 2020: Stand Up For the Count (Ford Foundation)
  3. Census 2020 (Miami Dade TV)
  4. Count All Kids Census 2020
  5. What is the Census? (Naleo)


Everyone Counts Postcard
Includes key information about Census 2020, how to pledge to participate, and ways to support a complete count.

Language: English


Census 2020 Countdown Widget
Can be placed on a website as a reminder for Census 2020, and links back to the San Mateo County Census 2020 Webpage.

   iframe code
<iframe src="//cmo.smcgov.org/sites/cmo.smcgov.org/files/countdown_clock_1.html" width=260 height=290 frameborder=0 scrolling=no></iframe>




Presentation or Tabling

Are you interested in having someone from our census team attend your event to provide information about Census 2020?  Please complete the form linked here.

Presentation or Tabling

Do you have an upcoming outreach event and would like Census 2020 materials to distribute?  Please fill out this form (with as much time in advance as possible).  Please note: we have limited amounts of some items and therefore they may not be available.