Flyers and Handouts

  1. California Census 2020 Challenges
  2. Census 2020: What You Need to Know (English) (Simplified Chinese) (Spanish)
  3. San Mateo County Hard to Count / Least Likely to Respond Maps with census block group labels (by city and unincorporated areas).  These maps depict the metrics identified by the state, but classified by the top quantile for San Mateo County only (as opposed to statewide as the state maps show)
  4. California State Hard to Count / Least Likely to Respond Metrics

Guides, Talking Points + Toolkits

  1. Census 2020: Frequently Asked Questions (Updated June 2019)
  2. San Mateo County Census 2020 Social Media Guide (Updated July 2019)
  3. San Mateo County Census 2020 Messaging Guide (Updated July 2019)
    1. This guide provides Census 2020 Communication Phases, Census 2020 Key Messages, Census 2020 General Talking Points, FAQs, and Message Maps for Census 2020 Top Questions/Concerns
  4. What to say if asked about the Census 2020 citizenship question (Updated July 2019)
  5. Sample Article: Your Voice Counts
  6. Sample Article: What's at Stake



Supporting Information

  1. 2020 Census Non-English Language Support: U.S. Census Bureau Memorandum Series, 2018.06
  2. The 2020 Census And Confidentiality: U.S. Census Bureau
  3. The Citizenship Question, Confidentiality, Language Access, and Other Critical Issues on the 2020 Census: Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Asian Law Caucaus, Legal & Strategy Brief, December 6, 2018
  4. Census 2020 and the Citizenship Question - One Pager: Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Asian Law Caucaus, January 2019
  5. Counting Young Children in the 2020 Census: U.S. Census Bureau
  6. Factsheet on the Census, Confidentiality and Japanese American Incarceration: Asian Americans Advancing Justice, The Leadership Conference and Education Fund