Callers to the County of San Mateo’s Office of the Tax Collector can now navigate its phone system with simply a voice command, freeing up staff to perform other administrative duties and providing customers a more efficient way to review and pay their property taxes.


The new interactive voice response (IVR) technology will better integrate with the planned overhaul of the office’s entire tax system. It has been updated to provide better responsiveness to customers, and includes a Spanish language option. As part of its launch this week, the new IVR phone line requires a new phone number of 866-220-0308. Callers to the Tax Collector’s main line of 650-363-4142 will be instructed to hang up and call the new number.


“Our new IVR system will provide a better service experience for the residents of San Mateo County, and the introduction of a toll-free number will help to ensure that all of our customers are able to reach us from wherever they may be located,” said Treasurer/Tax Collector Sandie Arnott.


Arnott’s office will also insert notifications of the change into the annual secured tax bills mailed in September.


To obtain general information or pay a tax bill, taxpayers may call 866-220-0308 and follow the voice prompts. The IVR system offers answers to many commonly asked questions, as well as a fully integrated payment system. Customers may also choose to ask to speak with a representative for more complex discussions.


The IVR system is provided by Verascape which has implemented the technology for multiple departments including the tax collector in San Bernardino and Sacramento counties.