• 12 Airport Boulevard
  • San Mateo CA

  • F&H Construction

  • LDA Partners

  • Bob Hennessy, PE
  • Senior Project Manager
  • c_rhennessy@smcgov.org


Project Description

The County of San Mateo intends to build a new animal shelter that will be located at the Coyote point site of the current animal shelter to replace the existing shelter buildings. The animal shelter will contain programmed space for a variety of mandated animal care services, limited community services, clinic services, and administrative services. The Peninsula Humane Society (PHS), a non-profit organization, under contract with the County, operates the existing facility. Mandated county animal control and sheltering functions will be housed in the new facility, replacing the existing facility at Coyote Point. PHS currently performs state mandated and contracted functions including animal rescue, pick-up of stray/injured animals, removal of dead animals from public right-of-way, and enforcement of laws that protect animals and people at the existing facility.

The project currently underway will replace the existing facility with a new approximately 27,000 square foot animal shelter facility. The new facility will offer similar services to those currently offered. The County intends to construct this facility using a Design-Build (DB) delivery method in order to expedite the overall project timeline. The existing animal shelter shall continue to operate 24/7 throughout the construction period.