Measure K Spotlight:

The Big Lift: Inspiring Summers 2017

Young Learners Complete Five Weeks of Summer Camp to Prepare Them for Success
"My child did not realize that she was learning --- too busy having fun with scien​ce!"

Here in the heart of Silicon Valley, fewer than half of third graders can read at the third grade level. The rate is even lower for children whose families struggle with the high costs of housing, food, transportation, clothing and other necessities.

The problem doesn't begin in third grade. Children from families that cannot afford quality preschool and enrichment programs start kindergarten behind their peers. The disparity grows larger over time. But it doesn't have to. 

Recognizing a critical need, a coalition involving the County of San Mateo, Silicon Valley Community Foundation and the San Mateo County Office of Education launched The Big Lift, which aims to close the achievement gap, which is actually the result of an opportunity gap for low-income students. How? 

By providing the young learners with the kind of summer experiences and enrichment activities many families take for granted. It's called Inspiring Summers.

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