Vacant Robin Rodricks Laura McHugh



Sam Stewart

Samuel Scott

District 1

Robin Rodricks

District 2

Laura D. McHugh

District 3

Mary Hofstedt

District 4

Sam Stewart

District 5


The San Mateo County Arts Commission's mission is to promote the arts in San Mateo County to include individual artists, arts organizations and arts education for K-12 students. It exists to promote and encourage the arts, to serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Supervisors, to prepare and update the county's strategic and cultural plan, and act as a liaison with arts organizations to ensure collaboration and coordination related to culture and art activities in San Mateo County.

It is a leader in regional arts advocacy efforts, working to further public appreciation and support of all art forms such as music, dance, visual arts, literature, theater, film and video, traditional crafts and folk arts, and new media.

San Mateo County Arts Commissioners who have professional or volunteer affiliations with any San Mateo County arts or cultural organizations that apply for grants from the commission must excuse themselves from any panel review or deliberation concerning these grants.

The Arts Commission consists of five members, appointed by the Board of Supervisors, each residing in one of the supervisorial districts.